In the fall of 2018 Jason Lesser released his new self-titled EP, Dream Tape.

This release is the culmination of the long, sometimes arduous, and uncompromising exploration of writing for piano, quartet, voice, and electronics. Through his experiences of love, pain, and the music of the cosmos, Jason was able to create his most personal and ambitious release to date. One in which he hopes the listener will make their own.  

Alongside his solo releases, Jason has scored an extensive catalog of films including two for Oscar and Emmy nominated producer/director Frederick Marx (Hoop Dreams). Throughout the 2017-2018 championship season, the Golden State Warriors entered Oracle Arena to music Jason co-wrote with Eveningland, and he designed the Google Pixel’s default ringtone. Jason has also provided music to hit TV shows (American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Vice’s Why We Fight) and a variety of commercials (Reebok featuring Kendrick Lamar, Nike featuring Simone Biles, Uber, Facebook, YouTube, PayPal, GoPro, Volvo, and MTV).   

These days you’ll find Jason writing for piano and quartet, warping psychedelia into vocal samples, obsessing over analog signal flow, and continually striving to make the prettiest music he can.