This page tells stories about different times in my life and the music that came from those times. 

Jason Lesser
Triton RIP

Rest in peace my dear friend. You will never be forgotten. I bought you with all the savings I had. I remember how scared I was in the store to buy you and how excited I was to bring you home. It was most nights that year that I lit a kerosene lamp, got high, and we got together. A year later I had my first album. I’m sad to accept that this work has disappeared from existence upon your sale to a church in Ashland, Oregon. Triton, you were a trusted and reliable friend. I hope you are making others as happy as you made me. Rest in peace, Triton.

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Jason Lesser

While living in Portland, Oregon I became excited about creating music with VOCALOID, a voice synthesis technology and software developed by Yamaha that basically sounds like Japanese robots singing. It’s so weird and fun. Unfortunately, at the time it was not supported for OSX and I chose not to adapt to Windows for the adventure. But, I found UTAU - a similar technology.  So I figured out the basics and fumbled with the Japanese keybed and commands until I was able to fish out this vocal. I made this track in a hour, and years later it remains the only time in which I’ve found fruition in the little pocket of inspiration. Every time I visit this song, it reminds me of a dormant rainbow. I will visit the robots again.  

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Jason Lesser

This track began as a TLC remix between Mapp and I.

Then, former boss and wizard film composer Andrew Gross and I decided to write a song. Andrew wrote and played piano, I produced, and we enlisted fantastic talent to sing the gospel hook. We had high hopes it would sell. Our best shot was hustling it to Macklemore’s producer.

A year or so later after producing the track with Andrew, his daughter Ariel helped me meet Steven Sogo, an amazing singer and bassist from Burundi. Steven wrote a beautiful vocal while on tour and was able to come and record in my home in South Pasadena. He sang the first verse in Ikirundi and the 2nd in Swahili. For me, a dream come true.

Jason Lesser

I made this in my yurt in Topanga Canyon. Townes Van Zandt will always be my North Star.

Jason Lesser
Point Dume

This was a moment in time where my good pal Govind and I decided to write some film music. We used what analog synths we had, while borrowing and warping samples from the Buchla master Todd Barton’s extensive library. The results were weird but I think pretty cool.

Jason Lesser
Quail Song

A friend brought over a CD of some music and sounds she liked. I made a song out of a quail.  

Jason Lesser
Mapp Music Vol 1: Swim Rap

These tracks are the beginning of a long and prosperous collaboration between me and my dude Mapp. We met in happenstance at a dinner party of an old friend of mine. Years, films, commercials, licenses, and art projects later, we’re still going strong. Swim Rap was one of the first tracks we worked on.

Jason Lesser

This was a great confluence of busters from different area codes getting together to write a pretty song. Christopher (Somniative) wrote the song and played guitar, Stella sang lead vocals, Garett sang back up, and I produced and mixed. I was too much of a judgemental perfectionist to get behind it then. Looking back now, that was silly.

The sun in you will grow again.

Jason Lesser
God Save The King

I made this in Prescott. I can’t remember whether it was on the floor of Nick Hardy’s apartment with my Triton or later at my home studio with Ableton Live. It was definitely during a time when I was obsessed with Bjork.

Jason Lesser

I love this song. Mostly it just needs drums. It was originally produced by Eveningland. He passed it off to me. Guitar God Mike Mahlstadt added guitar, and I brought it to Andrew Gross. We added piano and metallic scrapey sounds to the chorus in his studio. It reminds me of Grizzly Bear meets Avicii, or something like that.

Jason Lesser
Last Warrior

Mapp and I made this while creating some trailer work. You know, for like Avatar.

Jason Lesser
Bring Water ACT 1 V1

I originally planned to take this film in a hard and industrial direction. It’s fascinating to explore all the ways a story is told and why.

Jason Lesser
Hey Copper

Christopher Reitmaier (Somniative) is a wonderful and fascinating man. We met in Tassajara Zen Monastery. I can’t remember if I was 15 or 25 but I know it was a long time ago. Christopher travels the world making jewelry from recycled bottle caps and other throwaways. He’s a gypsy mystic wordsmith with an affinity for Will Ferrell movies and a refreshingly tasteful approach to art. We made a cool friendship and then we both traveled on. Years later we met again at the Beloved Festival outside of Portland. Turns out we were both living there. And, turns out he needed a place to live. Also turns out I had a room open in my house.

Jason Lesser
Strange Attractors Vol 1: Drifting / The Only Lie

There are songs here that were started when I was 18 years old producing on the Triton.  There are songs here that I wrote while living in Prescott, Arizona going to college and studying music with Jesse Pursley. There are songs here which began and ended in my four years in Ashland, Oregon. In this first volume we explore some music where I invited my good friend and fierce warrior queen medicine woman Natalia to write and sing. The poet and mysterious interdimensional lizard Rory Finney and I made a stop motion video of my living room to accompany it. Shout out to Oliver Jacobsen on violin.

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Jason Lesser
Turbo T. Double

Turbo showed up at my yurt in at the invite of Govind. Dude needed a beat. We made one and also recorded and mixed him. He was a sweet guy. At the end of the day he scrapped our track and rapped over M83’s Midnight City.

Jason Lesser

Christopher moved in and for a year or so, we had a good old time. Here’s a song I mixed for him. Shake n Bake!

Jason Lesser
Mapp Music Vol 2: Mits remix

I left Portland and stopped off in Ashland for half a year on my way to LA.  Mitra, Joe, and I rented a 4 acre farmhouse next to Shop N Kart. I set up a studio on a fold out table, installed an AC unit in the window, and got to work. This was back when Matt was all in with Progressive House.

Jason Lesser
Yo Monk

This story begins at Burning Man where four hooligans took acid and found Jesus through laugher while an angel adorned us with beautiful hats.  Thus, Ankle Buck and the Arctic Bird were born. Later that night we stumbled upon the Opulent Temple where a life changing song came on the system and powered through us all. It was called Freaks and it was awesome. When I got back from the trip I put together this track in an effort to recapture its glory.

Jason Lesser
The Gift

Adey Bell came into my life at a raw food trim scene in Sebastopol. I will always remember her glowing and glorious smile as she walked up to greet me. We quickly became close. Eventually, she broke my heart. Adey was a teacher, and a friend and we wrote some music together.

Jason Lesser