Constant Feeling

I took my dream of becoming a K-Pop producer far enough to name us TEAM DUO. We even started building a site. This track stood out as the frontrunner gateway to the magical world of K-Pop.  

door 3.png
Jason Lesser
So You Think You Can Dance

I imagine I’m in a small circle of writers who has provided music for So You Think You Can Dance while living in a tent. It was raining, it sounded like a helicopter was landing on my roof, I was standing up and leaning into my speakers to hear anything at all, I dropped a giant log on my foot trying to stoke the fire, it was muddy everywhere, and the music aired on a bunch of episodes!!  

All music co-produced with Eveningland.

Jason Lesser

I wrote this little diddy some random night in Ashland. It gets it’s place here because it became the score to the first animated squirt of a project my main squeeze Judd Schiffman and I worked on.  

Jason Lesser
Two Worlds

I met Xueran while he was interning at my work with composer Andrew Gross. Originally from China, Xueran landed in LA after attending film school at Berklee College of Music in Spain. He is quite a talent. Not only can he orchestrate and compose but he can sing too. His biggest interest at the time was English language vanilla pop. I really wanted him to sing in his native tongue. It took me months to convince him but I finally made it happen.

Jason Lesser
Uncle Bacon Interludes

I was adopted by my fairy godparents KC and Brook, two whack jobs from Williams, Oregon. They have been the sweetest most generous allies and friends.  I love them dearly. Williams hosts a pirate radio station with a 30 mile broadcast range. The station lives in a tiny trailer in a undetermined location.  I, AKA DJ Sea Man used to co-host a show with KC, AKA Uncle Bacon. We would drink whiskey, say really dumb stuff, and play rock and roll. KC hired me to put together a series of interludes for the show.  

Jason Lesser

Just a random track from a random night in Los Angeles.

Jason Lesser

Nina was easily the best thing that has happened to me with OkCupid.  I met her at a diner in Santa Monica. Turns out she is strange as all get out and totally great. And she can sing! She sang on my EP Fractured and we also put together a few demos. Here’s one.

Jason Lesser

This is a remix I did for the Ashland homie Jordan Rose or as the cool kids called him, Bassobese. We had an a slight disagreement around a flute, and how much dmt to smoke. This was the first track of mine played in a club.

Jason Lesser - Bassobese- Squidface (Jason Lesser Remix) - cover.gif
Jason Lesser

There was a moment in time where I almost got to score an animated series. The boys from Ours & Yours are so talented. We got as far as writing the bumper music. The show has been picked up by Fox.  

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 12.17.01 AM.png
Jason Lesser

A birthday song for my mom. Love you Ma.

Jason Lesser
Bulgarian Murder

While living in Topanga I was invited to the monthly group, Topanga Composer’s club. It was an honor to be there and I got to meet both Mac Quayle (American Horror Story) and Charlie Clouser (NIne Inch Nails). Through this happenstance I thought it a good idea to try my hands at writing a horror cue. I also thought it a good idea to smoke some weed before starting. I began by extremely slowing down Bulgarian choir music from Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares and layering that with strange Kontakt patches. Outside, I began to hear something or someone trampling around close by. I lived in a fancy tent and the walls between myself and the outside world were thin. I was high, alone in the woods, the music was terrifying, and something was outside I’ll remind you that Topanga Canyon is home to the Manson murders. My best line of defense was to grab a fire poker, stand in the center of the room, and stare at the door. Turned out to be a raccoon; the scariest one to date. And let me tell you, there’s been many raccoons.

Jason Lesser
Hot Lips

In between homes, I landed on the floor of Mike and Natalia’s house with a laptop, headphones, and a Yamaha DX 7. I’m Pretty sure Hot Lips is a pizza joint in Oregon.

Jason Lesser
My Favorite Mistake

My friend Bijou and I wanted to write something together. We never finished but peep a couple demo versions below.  

Jason Lesser

I spent a semester assisting Todd Barton teaching the Introduction to Electronic Music course at Southern Oregon University. We learned about music concrete and creating pieces from found sound. At the time, I was working at the Video Explorer. I built this to demo the homework assignment using samples from the film House of Flying Daggers. My girl Veronica Dewitt sang on top.  

Jason Lesser
Mapp Music Vo1 3: Come Find Me

If I recall correctly, this began as a Katy Perry remix. It’s also the most heavily limited song I’ve ever mastered. Like WAY too much.

Jason Lesser
All There Is To Love

I got to create a children’s song. Big shout out to Zak Zaidman and the SVN community that brought us together.

I love horses, I love bubbles, I love butterflies and puzzles, I love goats, and I love boats, and I love you.

Jason Lesser
Afro Techno

I built these tracks in my first home and Zen cabin compound of Ashland, Oregon. I got a job trimming weed for a fellow who was all about PsyTrance. I started getting into it. Meanwhile, I built a studio in a small corner in my living room with quite oversized monitors for the environment. When writing it felt like the music was coming out of my face.

Jason Lesser
Strange Attractors Vol 2: The Grave

I met Kerissa on my Prescott College orientation backpacking trip through Arizona and New Mexico in the fall of 2001. She was hot, hilarious, kind, caring, and full of sass. I will always remember and cherish her and her Salt n Pepa apartment parties.

Jason Lesser - Strange Attractors - cover.gif
Jason Lesser